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PC software for USB devices

Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 or 10 operating system.

A reader or interface is not necessary as you can directly access the data recorded on the device using the device connection in a USB port of the PC.

It is possible to export the chart to a pdf format file or to obtain a data file which can be easily exported to Excel.

Download application


With Coollogger APP, you can connect to Bluetooth devices RED (iOS and Android) and GREEN (Android).

The APP shows the information that the Coollogger has registered, allowing an immediate analysis of the information. Each time a Coollogger is read with the APP, the information is automatically uploaded to adding to previously stored information.

When you register in the APP, you can stop a device, assign it to the user account, program it.

We recommend stopping and restarting devices once a month to speed up APP