Datalogger? Thermograph? Coollogger?

Dataloggers have their origin in thermographs. This is why in order to understand what a datalogger is; we should first go back to the definition of thermograph. This term was defined as a “device that graphically registers temperature”.

Descendants of these devices are still of use almost with any change. They are clocks that instead of hands, move a paper roll in which a metallic piece depending on the temperature expands or shrinks and in this way, it can mark the evolution of the temperature.

The continuous evolution of these devices have led us to the numerous variety that we have nowadays, most of which are digital. Thanks to these instruments it is possible to measure specific data related to temperature in a very concrete atmosphere and therefore be the most possible precise in the control of closed spaces.

Why are temperature Dataloggers important?

Chain supply is a key factor in any perishable product, as an ideal management will help to increase its life, preventing some risks that may appear with inadequate conditions.  This is why dataloggers have become a key mechanism to guarantee the quality of products and to have a greater control at any time. Moreover, if there is any problem with temperature, dataloggers register the exact moment in which fluctuations occur, so it is easier to assurance the quality of products and detect responsibilities if there is any problem.

What do we offer at Coollogger?

We have three different models of dataloggers [2 USB and 1 Bluetooth] with a pending patent technology. Our dataloggers allow programming the device in the different temperature fluctuations necessary for each product, to receive instant mail warnings in case of breakdown of the cold chain. Moreover, to improve the process of charge and analysis of the information, we offer our free App and Web where all data is permanently and automatically storage.

With these apps is possible to relate registered data with other variables such as localization, type of transport, operator… and therefore, take better decision with all the necessary information. More characteristics differentiate us like our light sensor, position, different types of alarm. We will inform you little by little. Meanwhile, you can find more info at https://coollogger.com/ and you can always contact us by email: info@coollogger.com

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