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As we all know, the cold chain is a key factor to guarantee the efficient preservation of perishable products.

For instance, maintaining controlled temperatures during transport and storage prevents the development of bacteria, among other benefits.

But we often forgot to pay attention to humidity.

Indeed, when humidity is above recommended limits, it appears a higher risk of bacteria reproduction and development of molds. These problems are aggravated when we talk about fruits and vegetables because they are foods with high water content. On the other hand, below the recommended ranges, drying and loss weight occur. Do not think it twice and choose a cold chain monitoring system that helps you control both temperature and humidity like the new Coollogger Green.

From Coollogger we worked to developpe a new improved datalogger that registers:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Light
  • Bluetooth logger
  • Data reading through Coollogger’s free app
  • Gain in efficiency and traceability, and take advantage of the power of information with our free cloud data base ( from where you can:
  • manage alarms
  • set reading intervals
  • store the recorded data safely
  • link cold chain data with other data of interest
  • and much more…


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